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Felipe Barrientos

Felipe Barrientos


  • School: Parlier High School

  • Region: San Joaquin

  • Education and/or industry experience:

    • CSU Fresno – BA Agriculture Education, Specialization in Animal Science

    • Cal Poly SLO – Credential and Masters Program

  • Years teaching ag: 6

  • Subjects you teach: Intro to Ag Mech, Ag Welding, Ag Construction, Ag Engineering and Fabrication

  • Hobbies and interests outside of teaching: During my down time I enjoy spending time with family and friends.  We like to go camping, fishing, BBQing and vacationing at Disneyland.

  • What do you love most about being an ag teacher?  The thing I enjoy about being an Ag teacher is seeing students develop their academic, leadership and agriculture knowledge and skills as they move through the program.  I love starting and developing new programs and projects for students to get involved in.  I like starting something from the ground up and working to make it great.  I enjoy getting to know students and their families during home visits.  As an Ag teacher we get to know our students on a deeper level than most teachers.

  • What is your biggest challenge as an ag teacher?  Finding the balance between work and home.  I was once told that teaching Ag is a lifestyle but I have found if you want to last and not burn out, it can’t be your whole life.  I make it a priority to dedicate time for my wife, children, my church responsibilities and myself; as difficult as it can be sometimes.

  • What have you learned thus far in your teaching career that you wish you would have known when you first began teaching?  It doesn’t help to be a jack of all trades and a master of none.  It's important to be an authority on the subject matter you are teaching.  If you know you will be teaching a subject that isn't your strength, make it a priority to change that before you step foot in the classroom.  Focusing on one thing at a time and being organized goes a long way in giving you a strong foundation as a teacher.

  • What advice would you give a novice teacher entering this profession now?  Don’t be afraid to ask questions!  You’re not suppose to know everything right away.  It takes time to develop an affective teaching style.  Seek out those that came before you, a mentor.  Show up early, stay late, put in the work and learn as much as you can about the program and school.

  • What personal qualities or abilities do you think are important to being successful in this profession?  In order to be truly successful in this profession you need strong ETHICS.  You cannot expect your students to develop into leaders and conduct themselves as young professionals if you are not holding yourself to the same standards.  If you want students to work hard, your work ethic must set the pace to follow as an example.  If you expect students to be respectful, honest and kind, set this example so students will follow suit.  

  • What specific skills are important to being successful in this profession?  There are many different skills that one needs to acquire through the years in order to be successful in this profession.

    • Communication skills

    • Time management

    • Organization skills

    • Classroom management

  • What most prepared you for being an agriculture educator?  My high school Ag teacher and parents did the most to prepare me for this profession. They instilled in me and modeled strong work ethic.  I had to work hard to achieve my goals.  I never received anything I didn’t earn.  This profession is the same way.  Every championship team, every 1st place plaque, every blue ribbon and every kid that graduates from your program you will have to put in the work to make it happen.  We teach students to earn their awards and degrees, we should expect nothing less from ourselves.

  • Describe ag teaching in one to two words. Joyful Lifestyle


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