Teacher of Teachers

 Recognizing that the future of Agricultural Education depends upon the dedicated men and women entering the profession, and being aware that students are greatly influenced by the counsel and example of their teachers of agricultural education, the CATA and Teach Ag California are proud to recognize the following 2018 Teacher of Teachers.  The award covers a five year period and is based on the number of nominations the CATA member receives during the five year period of time. The student teachers from the five universities have two nominations each to acknowledge the most influential person that encouraged them to enter the agriculture teaching profession. 



Julie Beechinor

Jason Bretz

Rosemary Cummings

Andree Earley

Jessica Fernandes

Dave Gossman

Monique Reid

Donald Whitworth

John Williams


Judy Aschwanden

Clemente Ayon

Anna Bates

Audrey Bonomi

Marc Coleman

Sandy Dale

Jerry Delsol

Mandy Garner

Michael Mederos

Cory Molloy

Celeste Morino

Duane Penfold

Dick Piersma

Lilly Pimentel

Tracy Putnum

Mike Rourke

Natalie Ryan

Briana Stoops

Charles Van Riper

Rich Vandenack

Krista Vannest

Valerie VonAllman

Dane White


Buz Arnold

Natalie Borba

Elizabeth Bledsoe

Kristen Buck

Zachary Brown

Amber Carter

Courtney Castle

Amber Charter

Sara Carney

Kyle Dadson

Audrey Davis

Mark DeBernardi

Christine Dickson

Bryan Dodson

Kim Donaher-Oh

Taree Downs

Jake Dunn

Craig Davidson

Massie Dewey

Jennifer Delnero

Jodi Evans

Alex Flores

Jordana Faria

Amanda Galan

Ron Hardin

Jacob Hargett

Tim Hively

Nicole Hoofard

Ariana Hallum

Jeremy Johnson

Sherry Johns

Jennifer Kaslin

Jim Knapp

Jennifer Knight



Erin Larrus

Colleen Lawson

Lori Marchy

Joe Martin

Kristi Mattes

Susan Moran

Ralph Mosqueda

Deanna Morton

Brian Mortensen

Sierra Meyers

Jennifer Pareas

Ryan Patterson

Gabe Ponce

Jeremiah Perotti

Shannon Powell

Isaac Robles

Cindy Rohde

Gregory Ravy

Matt Reed

Marc Reyburn

Kayla Roberts

Marcos Ruiz

Kristin Sheehan

Shanan  Spears (Delta HS)

Kelly Sanches

Derek Silva

Heather Thomas

Elizabeth Thornburg

Laura Villegas

Aimee Veldhuizen

Tom Vazquez

Luke Van Laningham

Shay Williams-Hopper

Recipients are presented a certificate and recognition gift during a CATA Summer Conference General Session based on the following criteria:
Bronze - one or two former students became teachers of agriculture. 
Silver - three or four former students became teachers of agriculture.
Gold - five or more former students became teachers of agriculture.

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