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New Professionals Institute

Program Completers


The New Professionals Institute in Agricultural Education emphasizes topics critical for the growth and development of competent and confident first, second and third year teachers of agriculture.  The purpose of the Institute is to provide early career agricultural teachers with the necessary skills to help them fulfill their roles as classroom teachers, FFA and SAE advisors, program managers, and mentors to students and other teachers.  Early career teachers are introduced to a support network of exceptional agriculture teachers, teacher educators, state staff and industry leaders for follow-up assistance.  The Institute also provides a forum for interacting with other early career teachers statewide.

Jordan Albiani

Mary Jane Ashley

Cherise Azevedo

Natalie Baldwin

Andy Barhydt

Scott Batchelder

Julia Brewer

Amelia Brown

Caitlin Carpenter

Jeremy Cates

Holli Chestnut

Kylin Costa

Tyler Dickinson

Jennifer Downs

Anthony Drumonde

Chris Evans

Gino Farinelli

Christie Hobby

John Hultgren

Michelle Kahl

Kayla MacKaben

Martinez Amador

Kaeli McCarther

Joshua Mckenzie

Corey Mesa

Holli Nielsen

Marlisa Nordstrom

Daniela Oliva

Michael Ortiz

Cara Parlato

Dustin Parson

Yesenia Ramirez

Rachelle Reames

Bailey Riedel

Beatriz Rodriguez-Rivera

Glen Sailors

Hank Sharp

Sonnie Shew

Holly Smith

Brian Snyder

Isaac Valencia

Kayla Vanaselja

Jose Vargas

Austin Weatherby

Teighlor Wilke

Cory Withers

Danielle Zurcher

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