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Teacher of Teachers

 Recognizing that the future of Agricultural Education depends upon the dedicated men and women entering the profession, and being aware that students are greatly influenced by the counsel and example of their teachers of agricultural education, the CATA and Teach Ag California are proud to recognize the following 72 Teacher of Teachers.  The award covers a five year period and is based on the number of nominations the CATA member receives during the five year period of time. The student teachers from the five universities have two nominations each to acknowledge the most influential person that encouraged them to enter the agriculture teaching profession. 

2018 Photo Gallery



Clemente Ayon

Jason Bretz

Rosemary Cummings

Dick Piersma

Tracy Putnam

Rich Vandernack

Shay Williams-Hopper


Mike Albiani

June Bettencourt

Amber Carter

Heather Clement

Jessica Fahey

Jenny Kaslin

Sam Meredith

Jenny Lynn Oilar-Svedje

Shannon Powell

Cheryl Reece

Matt Reed

Steve Rocca

Cindy Rohde

Shelli Stinson

Aimee Veldhuizen

John Williams


Charles Abee

Nicole Amaral

William Barcellos

Jessica Barrett

Susan Beatty

Brandi Bognuda

Marlies Boyd

Amelia Brown

Tammy Burris

David Caetano

Sara Carney

Courtney Castle

Vernon Clark

Aireal Covey

Vikki Davis

Mike Ellington

Sonia Falaschi

Dan Flatt

Alex Flores

Robert Flores

Jon Fuller

Jessalee Goehring

Sarah Herdell


Tim Hively

Stacy INgalls

Cody Jacobsen

Kevin Koelewyn

Michael Leishman

Gene LIeb

Shelly Lyons

Grace Mendes

Rebecca Mendonza

Sierra Meyers

Carrie Monlux

Denise Morales

Deanna Morton

Art Parham

Matt Patton

Sam Rodriguez

Alyssa Schager

Mike Schilperoort

Emmett Schultz

Deborah Silva

Sammi Slover

Jennifer Sousa

Rosco Vaughn

Sarah Warren

Kevin Woodard

Recipients are presented a certificate and recognition gift during a CATA Summer Conference General Session based on the following criteria:
Bronze - one or two former students became teachers of agriculture. 
Silver - three or four former students became teachers of agriculture.
Gold - five or more former students became teachers of agriculture.

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