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Agriculture Teacher Shortage

United States

There were 992 open agricultural education teaching positions in 2014.* 


"Every year, more than 200 additional agriculture teachers are needed due to program growth and expansion."



The 15% increase in agriculture educators in 2014 wasn't nearly enough to meet the 40% increase in student enrollment.**  


In 2015, there were a total of 175 placements in California alone, including 6 new programs and 47 additional teachers.**





*Based on 2014 National Supply & Demand

**Summary of California Agricultural Teaching Opportunities & Placement from 2002-Present Report. Agricultural & Home Economics Education Unit, California Department of Education. September 2, 2015. 





In the last 10 years California hired 317 Ag Teachers and added 43 new Ag Programs.


         There are now 804 California Ag Teachers, 82 of which have been

         teaching 26-30+ years.


                               Who will replace them when they retire?




*January 2016 Data

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